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- Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan was established in March 1992.Football organization joined in May 1994 in UEFA at the 22nd Congress of UEFA held in Vienna and in June 1994 in FIFA, at Chicago at 49th FIFA Congress. AFFA\'s national teams started to participate in the World and European championships.In December 1994, for the first time in the history of Azerbaijan football three referees - Tahir Suleymanov, Asim Khudiyev and Khagani Mammadov were given the degree of FIFA referee.
During 1997-2003 the Azerbaijan football was in deep crisis. As the struggle for justice of football community with AFFA leadership had no results football clubs stopped their participation at 11th national championship as sign of protest. Later, though the championship was continued under the supervision of the Organizing Committee AFFA leadership did not accept the results. Clubs have been deprived of the European scale to participate in tournaments.In 2003, with participation of football clubs, AFFA representatives, Youth, Sports and Tourism Ministry, the Ministry of Justice, FIFA and UEFA the Zurich treaty was signed and the new charter for AFFA was drafted, and football clubs agreed to play under the flag of AFFA and XII Football Championship has begun.
In December 29, 2003, the next VI report-election conference of AFFA was held, and according to new Charter new leading bodies of AFFA was elected. From that day a new stage in the development of football in Azerbaijan began. In October 30, 2007, AFFA President Ramiz Samsad Mirzayev died.According to the decision of AFFA Executive Committee, dated December 4, 2007, the powers of AFFA president were entrusted to the vice-president Elshad Nasirov.At special Conference of AFFA held on March 14, 2008, Rovnag Ibraham Abdullayev was the elected as President of the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan. At present, all the teams in the country function under the AFFA.

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