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Sports organizations


1. National Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan Republic
Address: Baku city, Olympic Street, 5
Phone: 012-465-13-23
Fax: 012-465-42-25
Web page: www.nocaze.org 

2. National Paralympic Committee of Azerbaijan
Address: Baku city, Vidadi Street, 64
Phone: 012-494-54-33
Fax: 012-596-04-37
E-mail: [email protected]
Web page: www.npaz 

3. Special Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan
Address: Baku city, Bail settlement, Salyan Highway, Street, 13 A.Yaqubov
Phone: 012-598-38-60, 012-417-21-86
Fax: 012-598-38-60
E-mail: натионалдиреътор@азспеъиалолймпиъс.ъом

4. Deaf Sports Federation of Azerbaijan
(Azerbaijan Deflimpiya Committee)
Address: Baku city, S.Badalbeyli street 10, flat 9
Phone: 012-596-68-53
Fax: 012-596-68-53
E-mail: акиф[email protected]рамблер.ру

5. Physical Training and Sports Centre of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic
Address: Baku, Garabakh Street 3
Phone: 012-496-99-65
Fax: 012-496-99-60,

6. Association of Veterans of Physical Culture and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Address: Baku city, Olympic Street, 5
Phone: 012-465-70-79

7. Association of Veteran weightlifters of the Republic of Azerbaijan 
Address: Baku city, street S.Vurgun 25
Phone: 012-447-16-19, 018-655-49-90 

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