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Empire of the Alexander of the Great, which occupied areas of Ahamenids was collapsed in 323 BC after his death. In northern lands of Azerbaijan inhabited by modern Turks, Caucasian Albania was established in the north and Atropotena in the south in IV century BC.
Strabon, the Roman historian giving first information about Caucasian Albanians wrote that Albanians lived between Iberians and the Caspian Sea. And the western border of the state was Iori as mentioned in ancient sources as Kambis. The eastern part of now Georgia was under their power. Again, according to Strabon the north border of the state surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. And the part of the Caucasus near to sea named as Keraun and Ptolemy also wrote that Albanian territory expanded till  River Soana in the north. 
There were 26 kins of the Albanian tribal union. Strabon wrote that they get hardly in contact with each other. Each of these tribes had their own language, but because of the Turkic tribes were leading one, of course, in Caucasian Albania Turkish was the general communication language. Albanian tribes settled in medium and low flow of the River Kura, on the left bank. The right bank of the river was inhabited by Kaspi tribe. Some scientists consider them Albanians, too. But types of graves and ceremony of burying shows their ethnic difference. Diced graves, monuments, tombs made of air-dried brick (tombs), ceramic-trough graves, graves catacombs(part of the wall space is dig and a place for equipment with dead is made and after bury the grave was closed by masonry), etc. give information about the cultures of peoples lived once in Albania.
Modern sources prove that the Albanians took under their control 25 tribes that were outside of them. Although the vast majority of them were relatives of Albanians, some part was different by origin. There are confronting information among researchers that Albanians are from sak kin or they were local inhabitants of lands inhabited by them
According to historical records, utis, the grandfathers of udins, that live in Gabala region of Azerbaijan and considered one of Albanian tribe lived in the area of Rivers Alazan and Kura, legs in the upland are of Samur river, lupens in southern hills of  the Caucasus: qargars in the north of Caucasus (later in the plain areas of Garabagh).
The information about majority of Turkic inhabitants in Albania gradually increasing.
In 510 BC the Caucasian Albania had been occupied by the Sassanids Empire.
The capital cities were Qabala and Barda

Rulers: Aranids dynasty -
II century BC - Aran
65 BC -?  - Oroys
36 BC-? - Zober
Albanian Arshakids branch
215-255 BC, I Vachaqan
255-262 years - I Vache
? - Mirhavan
? - Satoy
? - Asay
? - Asvaqen
? - II Vache
359-371 Urnayr
493-510 III Vachagan

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