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Kuti country


Kutis settle din the west and south-west of Lake Urmia in the second half of III millennium BC united and created the state Kuti. It had borders with Lullubi and Akkad states. Kutis that caused collapse of Akkad state in XII century (in 2175 BC) approximately 80 years lived under the rule of Mesopotamians. In 2104 BC the Kutis power was ended.
Period of Rulers:  
approx 2225-2205 BC --- Enridavazir
approx 2204-2197 BC ---Imnan
approx 2198-2192 BC ----Inqesaus
approx 2191-2185 BC --- Sarlaq
approx 2184-2178 BC ----Yarlaqas
approx 2177-2171 BC ---Elulumes
approx 2135-2133 BC--- Laharab
approx 2127-2120 BC ---Puzur-Suen
approx 2120-2113 BC ---Yarlaqanda
approx 2112-2105 BC ---Sium

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