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Shaddadid state


The founder of the dynasty Muhammad ibn Shaddad Qurtaq using the situation existed after the arrest of Salarids ruler Muhammad ibn Marzban in 951 had captured the city of  Dvin (Dabil) being then under rule of Marzban. At that time Ibrahim Salari that ruled Azerbaijan had sent troops of Vayzur (Vayotsdzor) ruler, the vassal of his father, against Mohammed ibn Shaddad. However, Mohammed could defeat Salarids troops with the help of city\'s population. Some time later, troops led by self Ibrahim capture Dvin and Muhammad together with his own people escape to Vaspurakana; he died in 955/56 in Vaspurakan. After Dvin lost the bigger of two sons of Mohammed being under patronage of Vayzur ruler, Abulhasan Ali Lashkari stayed in Vayzur till 965. And his younger son Fazl began to serve Salarids and comes to Ganja ruled by Salarids ruler Ali At-Tazi, and stayed here till 969/70. While staying in Ganja with advice of the chief of Ganja city he sent a message to elder brother and invited him to Ganja and made him agree to become ruler of Ganja. Reaching and agreement with Fazl chief of Ganja city Yusuf al-Quzzaz arrested the ruler of Salarids and open city gates to Lashkari. Thus, Muhammad ibn Lashkari captured Ganja city 971 and laid the foundation of the Shadadids dynasty. Some time later Shaddadids strengthened their positions around Ganja, in Barda, Shamkir and other lands. They captured the eastern lands of Armenia, too.
 The territory of the country mainly covered the area between the rivers Kura-Araks. On the north Shaddadids had borders with Sheki and Kakheti kingdoms, and from south with Ravvadids. Dabil city located in the south-west of the state was subject to the Shaddadids. In 1088 the Seljuks put an end to existence of this state.
The capital city was Ganja

971-978    Abulhasan Lashkari
978-985    Marzban ibn Muhammad
985-1030   Fazl ibn Muhammad
1031-1034 Abulfath Musa ibn Fazl
1034-1049 Abulhasan Ali Lashkari
1049-1067 Abulasvar Savur
1067-1088 II Fazl

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