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Atabek Eldanizids-state


Azerbaijani Atabeks state had declared its independence during the period of decline Seljuks. The name of the state connected with the name of Shamsaddin Eldeniz. Eldeniz was sold as slaves in childhood, and the fate led him to the palace of Seljuks. He had got the title of emir by having drawn the attention and sympathy of Sultan II Togrul with own diligence and skills. In 1136 Eldaniz  was appointed  as ruler of southern province of Azerbaijan under the son of Seljuk sultan Arslanshah atabey. He had married with widow of Sultan II Togrul Momina Khatun in 1136 after the death of Sultan and was appointed as ruler of Aran and went to Barda and thus laid the foundations of the Eldenizids state.
 Although Iraq was subjugated to Seljuk Sultanate’s Eldegiz but formally to Seljuks, since 30-es of 12th century he rules the state as independent ruler and minted coins on his name. In 1152 Arran and   later Ardebil ruled by Maragha ruler Khassbey passed under the rule of Eldegiz. He is also made Shirvanshah his vassal.
At the end of power of Shamsaddin Eldeniz the state borders were stretched from Derbent to Basra Gulf, from Tiflis gates to Makran, Aran and Shirvan, Iraq, Hamadan, Gilan, Mazendaran, Isfahan and Rey.
During the power of son of Shamsaddin Muhammed Jahan Pahlavan, Eldanizids state was further strengthened. 
Kyzyl Arslan struggled for a long to get the throne from his brother Muhammad Jahan Pahlavan. 
After assassination of Kyzyl Arslan that concentrated power of Iraq Sultanate in own hands in 1191, the power was divided between  son of Jahan Pahlavan from Turkic origin Quteyba Khatun – Abu Bakr and sons of Inanj Khatun Qutluq Inanj and Amir Amiran.
The kingdom struggle that began later between the brothers resulted in weakening of Abu Bakir. However, the external attacks (Kharazmshahs, Georgians, etc.) contributed to the collapse of the state. After the death of Abu Bakr  in 1210  his brother Uzbek came to power and during his reign (1210-1225) recession of Atabeks state accelerated.
During Atabeks big trade and art centre of Azerbaijan like Ganja, Tabriz,  Nakhichevan, Ardabil, Derbent, Baku, Shamakhy, Beylagan were very popular. At that time the population of Tabriz, Ganja crossed over 100 thousand, and the number of Nakhchivan\'s population was about 80-100 thousands.
At different times the cities of Ganja and Nakhchivan were capitals of Azerbaijan Atabeks state.
The period of Eldanizids was the renaissance period of the Azerbaijan. At that time, cities were accomplished, trade, crafts, animal husbandry, farming was very developed.
In 1225 as a result of attacks of Kharazmshah  Jalaladdin the state of Atabeks was declined.
The capital cities were Nakhichevan and Tabriz

Ruling rulers: 
1136-1175 Shamsaddin Eldaniz
1175-1186 Muhammad Jahan Pahlavan
1186-1191 Kyzyl Arslan
1191-1210 Abu Bakr 
1210-1225 Uzbek 

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