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State of Shirvanshahs


Even in the first half of the VI century the State of Shirvanshahs founded between Shabran and Gilgilchay was approximately existed 1000 years (1538). As previously, Shirvanshahs depended on Arab Caliphate, the information about this period is very scarce. In 861 Arab origin Mazyadis  had gained the independence of Shirvanshahs. It had borders with Derbent and Samur River in north, the Kura River in the south, and Goychay and Sheki in the west, the Caspian Sea in the east. For many years Shirvanshahs  was in the scene of history and at certain times it had been ruled by various dynasties: Mazyadis (861-1027), Kasranids (1027-1382) and Darbandis (1382-1538). In 1538 it was united to Safavid state.
Its capital before was  Shirvan, and since 1st quarter of X century -
Yazidiyya (Shamakhy):                            

861-? Khalid ibn Heyzam
?-? Muhammad ibn Heyzam
?-? Heyzam ibn Muhammad
?-? Ali ibn Heyzam
918-948 Yazeed Abu Tahir 
948-956 Muhammad ibn Yazeed 
956-981 Ahmad ibn Muhammad
982-991 Muhammad ibn Ahmad
991-1027 Yazeed ibn Ahmad
1027-1034 Manouchehr ibn Yazeed
1034-1043 Abu Mansur ibn Yazeed 
1044-1049 Gubad ibn Yazeed
1049-1050 Bukht Nassarali ibn Ahmad
1050-1063 Sallar ibn Yazeed
1064-1096 I Faruburz ibn Shallar  
1096-1106 Manouchehr II ibn I Fariburz
1107-1120 I Afridun ibn I Fariburz 
1120-1160 III Manouchehr ibn I Afridun 
1160-1161 II ibn III Manouchehr Afidun
1161-1196 I Akhsitan ibn III Manusehr 
1196-1204 I, Shahensha - king of the kings III Manouchehr, I Farruxzad ibn Manouchehr III, II Fariburz ibn II Afridun
1204-122  5I Garsasb ibn I Fərruxzad 
1225-1244 III Faruburz ibn I Garshasb
1244-1260 II  Akhsitan ibn III Fariburz
1260-1282 II Farrukhzad ibn II Akhsitan 
1283-1294 III Akhsitan ibn II Farrukhzad 
1294-1317 I Keykavus ibn III Akhsitan 
1318-1335 I Keyqubad ibn II Farrukhzad 
1336-1372 Kavus ibn I Keyqubad
1372-1382 Hushanq ibn Kavus
1387-1417 Ibrahim ibn Sultan Muhammad
1417-1465 I Khalilullah Sheikh ibn Ibrahim 
1465-1500 Farrukh Yasar Ibn I Khalilullah
1500-1501 Bahrambey ibn Yəsar
1501-1502 Qazibey ibn Yasar
1502           Sultan Mahmud ibn Qazibey, 
1502-1524 Sheikh Ibrahim ibn Sultan Mohammed Qazi II, 
1524-1535 Khabibullah ibn II  Sheikh Ibrahim 
1535-1538 Shahrukh ibn Farrukh Yasar

Oxunub: 73315