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Girdiman state


It was appeared at the beginning of the VII century and existed until 705. Mehranis, that laid the foundation of the state previously ruled province Girdiman (now Shamkir-Gazakh). But during ruler Javanshir the territory covered all of Albania. Mehranilar dynasty was always in power. It borders stretched from Iberia to Derband
The capital city was  Barda

Ruling kings: 
570-590 Mehran
?-? Armael
?-? I Vard 
600-615 Brave Vartan
?-? II Vard 
?-? I Varazman
625-642 Varaz Qriqor
642-681 Javanshir
681-705 Varaz-Tridat

Oxunub: 38977