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Ravvadids state


At period of weakening of Salarids the strengthening ruler of Tabriz, Maragha and Ahar Abulhija had overthrown the last Salari ruler Ibrahim ibn Marzban (962-981) in 981 and laid the foundation of Ravvadids state.
The root of this dynasty came from Arab kin moved to south of Azerbaijan during occupation by Caliphate. The founder of Ravvadis dynasty was Ar-Ravvadi al Azdi originally from Yemen. Like other Arab kin settled in Azerbaijan Ravvadis were also mixed with local population. As early as the late VIII century, Ravvadid emirate, which became the semi-independent state sometimes became completely independent and could keep all south Azerbaijani lands under own control.
After defeating Salarids Ravvadids could unite all south lands under their reign. In addition, Ravvadids defeated Mughan ruler Sipahbud and made him dependant.
In  1045/55 Seljuk troops campaigned to Azerbaijan under the command of sultan Togrul bey reached Tabriz. Realizing the weakness before the rival Ravvadid ruler Vahsudan accepts the power of Togrul bey and present valuable gifts to sultan. So, the Ravvadis accepted the power of Seljuks.
Ravvadids had shifted the country capital from Ardebil to Tabriz. This was a progressive step. Because Tabriz was located in a place suitable for uniting all Azerbaijani lands from economic, political and cultural point of view. Tabriz which located at crossroads of different countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts, as well as connecting via Derbent passage the Volga region and Eastern Europe countries during the power of  Ravvadids expanded further and accomplished.
The capital cities were Ardebil and Tabriz

Ruling kings: 
981 - 988 Abulhija ibn al-Ravvad                              
988-1018 Mamlan ibn Abulheyja
1020-1059 Abu Mansur Vahsudan

Oxunub: 172279