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Medians became active in the political scene at early of I millennium of BC. They settled in the south-eastern side of Manna. Mada tribal unions was formed in areas starting from north of Azerbaijan to east, south- east, at lower parts of Zagros Mountain. They had revolted against Assyria in 673 BC and declared their independence. Scythian, Iskits allied with the Assyrian and attacked Medians and subjugated them. Their reign lasted for 28 years and son Madiyin Kiaksar (625-585) had put an end to reign of Scythians. After that during Kiaksar Medians put an end of Scythians reign in Hirkania, Parthia, Parsa, Elam, Manna, Urartu, and Azerbaijan. In VII century BC  in Media for the first time in the world Zoroastrianism was declared as official state religion.
Medians defeated neighbors Urartu and Assyrian kingdoms and could expand their territory from western part of Front Asia, from River Qizilirmaq up to eastern borders of present day Iran.
Only northern part of Araz River was not under the rule of Median state. Historians say that the creation of the Albanian state in those areas, that is, living of Sack tribes in the sixth century BC in those areas might prevent its occupation.
Historical sources note that the in the lands of present area of Azerbaijani Turks during Median state, that is in 70-ies of VII century BC Isquz (Scythian) Kingdom was existed. Medians won the war with Assyrians (end of VII century BC), and gained a great power. They could seize the lands of  Urartu and Scythian kingdoms at the first years of the VII century BC.
Medians had attacked city of Assyria in 614 and destroyed it and concluded an alliance with Babylon. In 612 they destroyed the capital of Assyria – Nineva and killed all population. In 605 BC Assyria finished its existence and its lands were divided between Media and Babylon.
Median had shown self with successes of conqueror rulers but it was weakened during Astiaq. Because Astiaq was not as powerful as his father Kiaksar. Towards the end of the VII century, II Kurush had united Persian tribes under own flag and had a campaign on Medians and had captured the whole country.
The capital city was Ekbatana

approx 728 - 675 BC Deyok
approx 675 - 653 BC Fraorta
approx 653 - 625 BC Madiy
approx 625 - 585 BC Kiaksar
approx 585 - 550 BC Astiaq

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