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It was formed around the Lake Urmia at early of II millennium of BC in IX century. It had borders with Urartu, kingdom Assur, Elam Babilistan states. Manna can be considered as bigger political union compared to previous one formed in the South part. In sources it is seen clearly that Manna stretches from east of Lake Urmia to the south-west of the Caspian Sea. Mannas are considered as heirs of qutti, lullu, turukki and su (sub / subar) peoples. Manna was declined in 590 BC. For the first time the name of state was met in cuneiform writing of Assur ruler Salmanas III written in 843, in the form of Muanna III.
Ruler of Manna state was called as Yanzu. Board of elders helped the King.
The capital city was Izirtu.

Period of Rulers: 
approx. 829 -??? BC - Ualki (Udaki)
approx. 740-719 BC -  Iranzu
approx. 718-716 BC -  Aza
approx. 716-680 BC - Ullusunu
approx. 675-650 BC - Ahseri
approx. 650-630 BC - Ualli

Oxunub: 72522