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Salarids State


In the conditions of political chaos in the Near and Middle East Sajids state could not also stand for a long time. Using the conflicts in Azerbaijan the ruler of Deylam (Gilan), Marzban ibn Muhammad defeated the last ruler Sajids Deysam (he was slave usurped a power in Sajids State) in 941 and captured the capital of the country Ardabil.  As Marzban ibn Muhammad (941-957) was from Salarids (941-981) dynasty the state founded by him was known in the history as Salarids state. Salarids, very soon, captured north-western lands of Azerbaijan and subjugated the state of Shirvan as well. And they captured Darband, too. In addition, Marzban ibn Mohammed annexed the territory of Armenia as well as and also subjected Eastern Georgia.
Thus, the lands of Salarids state stretched from north Derbent to upper flows of Euphrates and Tigris Rivers in south, the Caspian Sea in the east and Georgia in the west.
However, during the dynasty of Salarids after Sajids all Azerbaijani lands were re-united within a single state.
During the reign of Salarids trading ships of Azerbaijan began sailing in the Caspian Sea. In the entire Near and Middle East the economic and military-political influence of Azerbaijan increased. The mixing of the people of different ethnic tribes with Azerbaijani nation intensified. However, after the death of Muhammad ibn Marzban (957), at result of court rivalry between his sons and his brother Vahsudan caused the weakening of central power. Often invasions of Russians to Caspian coast of Azerbaijan, robbery of Barda in 944 and the terrible massacre of city population accelerated the overthrow of Salarids.  
Existence of Salarids was ended by Ravvadids in 981.
The capital city was Ardabil

The rulers: 
942-957 Marzuban ibn Muhammad
961-981 Ibrahim ibn Marzuban

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