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Sajjids state


Sajjids was formed during the years of struggle against the Arab occupation. As a rule heads of this dynasty take nickname Afshin. They are descendants of Central Asiam Ashrusan province. Many famous commanders of Arab army, including Afshin Heydar ibn Kavus was from this generation.
One of the Turkish commanders served in Khilafat troops Muhammad bin Abu Saj Divdad  in 879 was appointed a ruler of Azerbaijan by  order of the Caliphate. And he laid a foundation of Sajids state. The borders of the state were stretched in north from Derbent to the south Zanjan and in the east to the Caspian Sea, in the west Ani and Dabil cities near Irevan. During the rein of Sajogullar (879-941) southern regions of Azerbaijan had become an independent state. Sajjids freed from subjugation of Caliphate had own money. In the late of IX century (898, 900) money was minted on behalf of Mohammed ibn Abu Saj.
Since 80-es of IX century to 40-es of X century, i.e. more than half a century of historical period, all the lands of the Turkish state were in control of the state of Sajjids and this fact further deepened economic and cultural relations and strengthened the ethnic foundation of the Turkish peoples
The existence of the state was ended in 942 by the state of Salarids.
The capital cities were Maragha and Ardebil

The rulers: 
889-901 Mohammed ibn Abu Saj
901 June-July Divdad IB Mohammed
901-927 Yusuf ibn Abu Saj
928-929 Abdul Musafir
929-931 Vasif
931-932 Muflih
932-941 Deysam ibn Ibrahim

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