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Acrobatic gymnastics



Acrobatics is the most ancient kind of sport. Acrobatic movements’ motives also were reflected in the ancient poems of the ancient Greek Iliad and Odyssey. Acrobat word means from the Greek Acrobates  “rising up”.In 1573 the first book in the execution of acrobatic actions in the physical culture was written by I.Merkurialis. In the XIX century development of sports acrobatics and emerging of the new types of actions, comprised a part of sport actions.In 1973, in Moscow with participation of 10 countries (Bulgaria, England, Hungary, German Democratic Republic, Cuba, Poland, USSR, USA, Federal Republic of Germany and Yugoslavia) the Federation of International Sports acrobatics (BIAF) has been created, its Statute and the rules of competition was approved. Stoil Satirov (Bulgaria) was elected as BIAF\'s first president. The first world championship was held in Moscow in 1974.

The acrobatics in Azerbaijan
The history of establishment and development of Acrobatics in Azerbaijan dates back to 1920-30-years. During these years, G. Safarov, G. Becanov, Y. Yurfeld, D. Dvoryankin, I.Kiselyov and H. Agayev played an important role in the development of acrobatic sports.In 1936 the first non-official competition was held and only actions of men as a group were included in the program. After that Azerbaijan acrobats began to take part in all-union competitions.
During 1960-1990 acrobats made important achievements in the Soviet Union and international competitions. During these years in double actions of the men Elshad Narimanov, Bahram and, Elshad Narimanov brothers, A.Bakhsiyev and N. Babayev, S. Saakov and Y. Demyanenko, R. Kasimov and Y. Yuchkin, Y. Mamonov and N. Mammadov, S. Rajabov and O. Klimaskin , A. Mustafayev and S. Jabrayilov, an at mixed actions  A. Rajabov, T.Yashinkina, in women\'s group actions L.Kharchenko, S. Sundikova and E. Guliyeva, in group actions of men R. Mammadov, B. Ravinov. G. Galimayev and E. Azimov, M.Alekberov, A. Bakhshiyev, A. Gafarov and E. Guliyev, D. Javadov, S. Bagirov , A.Abbasov and A. Babayev had protected the glory of country’s sport. Sports Acrobatics Federation of Azerbaijan became a member of the International Federation of Sports acrobatics in 1993 and since then athletes had gain the opportunity to participate in European and world championships.In 1993, Azerbaijan acrobats  Elshan Seyfullayev, Elkhan Shahbazzade, Valery and, Alexander Lichkin  brothers, acting successfully at the World Championship held in Moscow among the youth and gained the title of absolute champion in men\'s group actions. Other acrobats A. Mustafayev and S. Jabrayilov two men actions at the European and world championships were awarded.In general, during the 1993-2003 Azerbaijani acrobats won 5 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals in the European and world championships.  The well-known coaches such as Bahram Narimanov, Arif Ahadov, Adil Huseynzade, Elshad Narimanov, Azer Kerimov, Arif Gafarov, Agakerim Salimov, Yuriy Demyanenko, Avaz Abbasov had a great contribution at the formation of a strong tradition of acrobatics in Azerbaijan. 


  • Arif Gafarov
  • Arif Ahadov
  • Adil Huseynzade
  • Ayla Ahmadova
  • Azer Kerimov
  • Agakerim Salimov
  • Bahram Narimanov
  • Dilara Sultanova
  • Elshad Narimanov
  • Elchin Mammadov
  • Emil Yarahmedov
  • Avez Abbasov 
  • Yuriy Demyanenko

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