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Rhythmic Gymnastics



The first world championship in rhythmic gymnastics was held in Budapest in 1963. This sports kind was included in the program of the Olympic Games in 1984. Indeed, since the same year the artistic gymnasts took part in the Olympic Games.
Rhythmic gymnastics as a sport began to form in the XIX century.

Rhythmic Gymnastics in Azerbaijan
The history of creation and development of rhythmic gymnastics in Azerbaijan dates back to the 40-es of the the last century. Nadezhda Merkulova who created a group of girls worked for a long time in the direction of the formation of this sport in Azerbaijan. Gymnasts trained namely under her leadership won success in all-Soviet and nternational competitions. Larisa Zebina, Lina Vinnikova, Svetlana Senatorova, Nina Hajibeyli, Mila Shibaeva and Hajiyeva Elmira are such ggymnasts.In 1961, Lina Vinnikova took part in the 1st World gymnastics tournament in Germany in the structure of the former USSR national team This was the first performance of Azerbaijani gymnasts in the world arena. Lina became Champion at World Sports day of students held in Bulgaria in 1965. In the structure of the Burevestnik sport society Lina Vinnikova gained several times the title of the Soviet Union champion was also selected 3 times as Miss Grace.After the 1984 Olympic Games strong flow took place to rhythmic gymnastics in Azerbaijan. At that time Yana Saplina (coach V. Ukleyina) was considered as the young star our gymnastics. Showing good results at various All-Union competitions Yana Saplina won in 1985 Umid Cup. In subsequent years, the success of  Yana was continued by Dinara Nabiyeva and Natalia Bulanova (honored coach L. Sidirova).In 1995, the double champion of Azerbaijan Dinara Nabiyeva won a bronze medal in the International Children\'s Festival held in Antaliya (Turkey). She also had showed the third result in Israel at the international tournament in 1996. Fivefold champion of Azerbaijan (1991-95) Natalia Bulanova also took part in a number of international competitions and was selected asMiss Press.  Today, master of sports of international class, able to continue the tradition of the artistic gymnastics Dinara Gimatova, triple champion of Azerbaijan Nurjahan Askerova, Khadija Hajıyahyayeva, Dina Gorina, Valeriya Yegay are from the promising generation of gymnasts.In February 2003, at the international tournament held in Russia, the country\'s most powerful gymnast who won a silver medal Dinara Gimatova later tested her force in a few prestigious competitions, too. She also successfully performed at the 1st stage of the World Cup held in France in May of 2003, and at the exercises with a ribbon showed the 8th result.Highly appreciating the work done by Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation within a short period the International Gymnastics Federation at its 74-th congress held in Athens decided to be held A category stage of World Cup of 2003, in Azerbaijan on August 7, 11. In order to become familiar with the level of preparation for competition president of the International Gymnastics Federation Bruno Grandi, Secretary General Norbert Busche, Deputy Secretary General Andre Quisbuhler and head of Technical Committee on rhythmic gymnastics Mrs. Eqle Abruzzini arrived in Baku in April 2003. Highly appreciating the financial and technical possibilities of rhythmic gymnastics in Azerbaijan the heads of the international organization agreed on holding the World Cup in 2004, as well as the 2005 World Championships in Baku.

Rhythmic gymnasts:
  • Aliya Garayeva
  • Anna Gurbanova
  • Ayelita Khalafova
  • Anastasia Prasolova
  • Jeyla Guliyeva
  • Jamila Huseynova
  • Dinara Gimatova
  • Dina Gorina
  • Aziza Salimbeyova
  • Lina Vinnikova
  • Kamila Mammadova
  • Nurjahan Askerova
  • Natalia Bulanova
  • Nigar Abdusalimova
  • Nigar Mirzayeva
  • Sabina Abbasova
  • Zeynab Javadli
  • Valeriya Yegay
  • Vafa Huseynova
  • Valeriya Yegay
  • Valeriya Yegay
  • Evgenia Jidkova
  • Khadija Hajıyahyayeva

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