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Gymnastics term meant at the V century BC in ancient Greece complex actions for education, military and the health. The ancient Greeks considered such that the gymnastics gives a body flexibility, strength, agility, gracefulness, beauty, and envisages a human the courage and nobleness feelings. The Greeks used gymnastic actions not just for the physical development but also for the military training.During Renaissance humanists paid a great attention to the all-around development of physical culture and gymnastics at young people. In XIV century, a well-known specialist in gymnastics I.Merkurialis had published a work On the art of gymnastics.  The core of experimental and theoretical knowledge in the development of gymnastics was laid by German educator Fit (1763-1836) and F. Guts-Muts (1759-1839).Father and son, the founder of the Swedish gymnastics P.G.Ling (1776-1839) and Y. Ling (1820-1886) introduced new tools in gymnastics, different sized ladder and beam, and classified terms in anatomical features.The first world championship in gymnastics was held in Antverpen by FIQ founder Belgian N.C.Kuperus in 1903. From 1903 until 1913 the world championships was held every two years, and since 1922 has been held every four years. The Congress of FIQ held in 1977 decided to hold the world gymnastics championships in every two years.For the first time women began to participate in world championships since 1938.But the European Championship had been organized since 1969.

Gymnastics in Azerbaijan
Since the last years of the 30th century in gymnastics began to develop in Azerbaijan. The first republic Championship was held in Baku in 1939. From the end of the 50-es generation of the strongest sports gymnasts were grown in Azerbaijan. T. Mehdiyev, Dmitry Filonov, Kamal Abdullayev, Chingiz Shamilov, Natalia Abdinov (Setinkina), Raisa Timinova and etc gymnasts  deservedly protected the honor of the Azerbaijani sport in various international tournaments. In person of Kamran Farzaliyev, Valery  Belenkin, and V. Sadiyev in 80-es new breathe came to  Azerbaijani sports gymnastics.
The most popular sport gymnast of Azerbaijan Valeri Belenki was born in Baku in 1969. From childhood he began to be engaged in this kind of sport and already in 14 years old Belenki was invited to the structure of the USSR national team. In 1986, he became the absolute champion of Azerbaijan and the owner of Azerbaijan Cup he also gain the champion title in the structure of the USSR team in 1989. In 1990, in the composition of the Soviet national team in the U.S. at Good Will Games held in Seattle he won the bronze medal at parallel arms, championship rings, horse, free exercises.In 1991 winning the World Cup B.Belenki gain the title of champion in Barcelona in 1992 at i XXV Olympic Games in the structure of CIS team, had won a bronze medal in individual form.In 1995 he won the bronze award in the European Championship and became the champion of the continent at horse competitions. In subsequent years, our gymnast could not succeed.

Chingiz Shamilov
Dmitry Filonov
Kamal Abdullayev
Kamran Farzaliyev
Natalia Abdinov (Setinkina)
Raisa Timinova
Tofiq Mehdiyev
Vagif Sadiyev
Valeri Belenki 

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